Close Quarters: Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press








Close Quarters is a quarterly conversation with one or two interdisciplinary artists, designers, or craftsmen. Sometimes at the artist’s studio, these events allow for close, hands-on examination of work and engaging dialog. The first installment of Close Quarters will be with our very own Friedrich Kerksieck at Small Fires Press.

Friedrich Kerksieck – Small Fires Press
April 16, 7-9pm (presentation starts at 7:30pm)
Small Fires Press Studio – 1339 St. Roch Ave.

Friedrich Kerksieck is a letterpress printer, binder, paper maker & poet living in New Orleans with his wife, Gabrielle Trimm & their two cats, Bela Scoops & Bip Scoops. He runs Small Fires Press, an independent letterpress & binding venture. Friedrich attended the University of Alabama for his MFA in Book Arts.

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Next Close Quarters!

Sophie Lucido Johnson – Neutrons Protons
July 16, 7-9pm (presentation starts at 7:30pm)
Location TBA


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