Close Quarters: Mystic Blue Signs


Close Quarters is a quarterly conversation with one or two interdisciplinary artists, designers, or craftsmen. Sometimes at the artist’s studio, these events allow for close, hands-on examination of work and engaging dialog. For our third installment we will be talking with Vince Mitchell and Yvette Rutledge of Mystic Blue Signs.

Vince Mitchell and Yvette Rutledge – Mystic Blue Signs
October 15, 7-9pm (presentation starts at 7:30pm)
Mystic Blue Signs
2212 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

Vince Mitchell and Yvette Rutledge are partners in Mystic Blue Signs, which was established as a hand-painted sign shop in 1996 in New Orleans. In 2010 we started the Center for the Lettering Arts at our Magazine Street location, which has expanded to offer our lettering classes, and a gallery space where we regularly host shows under the umbrella ANALOG DIALOG, and other handmade objects related to the lettering. Before that Eve was a partner in the influential San Francisco sign shop New Bohemia Signs, book designer for University of California Press (Berkeley), hand engraver, and provider of calligraphy to the fine press movement. Before learning to paint signs at Mystic Blue, Vince was a professional musician in Seattle, where he also worked for kinetic sound sculptor Trimpin, and studied sculpture at Pratt and music at Cornish College for the Arts. Returning to his hometown of New Orleans in 2001, he formed a band with Eve, Eve’s Lucky Planet, which performs in New Orleans, including Jazz Fest 2008.


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