Close Quarters: Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell

Close Quarters is a quarterly conversation with one or two interdisciplinary artists, designers, or craftsmen. Sometimes at the artist’s studio, these events allow for close, hands-on examination of work and engaging dialog. For our summer 2017 Close Quarters, we will be talking with artist Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell.

Close Quarters: Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell
Thursday, July 13, 2017, 7-9pm (presentation starts at 7:30pm)
3023 N Rampart Street, between Clouet and Montegut

Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell is a visual artist from New Orleans, Louisiana, focusing on drawing, animation, installation, and performance. In 2009 she received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts with Tufts University. She then returned to New Orleans where she is involved in several artist-run spaces and non-profit projects, including Antenna Gallery and New Orlean’s 24hr Draw-a-thon. For several years Amanda also ran an artist-in-residence program off of her sofa called the 723 Louisa Street Artist in Residence Program and an art gallery out of her apartment called 723 Louisa Street Digest. Over the course of four years, 723 Louisa Street Digest hosted exhibitions of over two dozen artists’ work, site-specific installations, artist brunches, and a screening series called Porch TV that was projected on a bed sheet hung on her front porch. In 2014, Amanda founded The NOCCA Institute’s 5 Press Gallery, which she ran for three years. 

Amanda is currently working on creating a collection of her own clip art.

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