Hidden Spaces


Hidden Spaces Zine Collection

Hidden spaces can be elusive. In New Orleans we have the opportunity to happen across secret alleyways, courtyards, and buildings with exteriors that give no hint as to their inner glories. These kinds of moments, sometimes just glimpses through slots in a fence, are special because they are times of discovery. The dichotomy of inside verses outside or interior verses exterior creates contrasts that can make both elements more sublime, beautiful, or unbelievable. It refers not only to those physical spaces that we stumble across, but also to our own secrets that we keep hidden from view. These spaces can be grand or intimate, but are always surprising.

Hidden Spaces is an editioned collection of zines by ten New Orleans artists – Vanessa Adams, Daniel Baskin, Nancy Bernardo, Amelia Bird, Angela Driscoll, James Goedert, Kieu Lam, Yuka Petz, Laura Richens, and Sara White. All the books in the collection are laser printed single sheet folded books, no glue, sewing, or staples. The structure of the single sheet folded book – sometimes called flutter or maze book – lends itself to hidden moments that are discovered when fully opened.